vermont Retirement

Burlington – Rutland

Vermont State Retirement Map 

Vermont named comes from the French for “green mountains”.   The Green Mountain range runs down the center of Vermont is one of Vermont’s most distinguishing characteristics.

About three-quarters of Vermont is forested, with maple forest that burst into fall colors, attracting tourists from all over the world.  Skiing in winter is popular, both downhill and cross country, and the mountains make for great hiking and mountain biking all summer. 

The state tree is the Sugar Maple, which produces Vermont’s famed maple syrup and creates beautiful colors in the autumn.  Vermont is also known for dairy and cheese production.  Much of the milk in New England comes from Vermont dairy farms.  This small state’s largest industry is manufacturing, especially electronics.

 Burlington is not large by any standard, but it’s Vermont’s biggest city with a population of only 40,000.  Retirees will find some Retirement communities and some amenities here as well as in the capital of Montpelier.  As with most states, retirement in Vermont will require careful consideration of your later needs in terms of health care and climate.




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