North Dakota Retirement

Bismarck – Grand Forks – Fargo

North Dakota State Retirement Map

Despite the state’s many charms and friendly, hardy residents, North Dakota’s challenging climate will take this state off the retirement list for many.   A far northern location without the tempering effect of an ocean, or Great Lake, North Dakota experiences large temperature swings typical of her “continental climate”:  Here you’ll find very, very cold winters and very high heat in the few short months of summer.   A 1932 Boy Scout built monument marks the geographical center of the continent in Rugby, North Dakota.

Yet North Dakota retirees will also enjoy one of the lowest crime rates in the USA.  A popular saying among North Dakotans is that  “Forty below keeps out the riffraff.”

Fewer than 700,000 people live in the state.  The largest city, Fargo, has only 90,000. +

South Dakota is a more popular travel destination with big name attractions like the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and Wall Drug Store.  But this means you’ll enjoy the wide open spaces and solitude on your own time.

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