Alaska Retirement

Anchorage – Juneau – Fairbanks – Kotzebue

Alaska Retirement Map

Considering retirement in the largest state in the United States?   Alaska is not typically thought of as a “retirement destination” despite it’s many charms, largely due to a climate that would be considered too challenging for some retirees.  Yet Alaska should be high on your list of retirement destinations if  you are already living in this amazing state, you are an avid outdoorsman, or you desire to live in the heart of some of the world’s most majestic scenery and wildlife.

Alaska is home to 30 glaciers and Alaska was nicknamed “Seward’s folly” after that U.S. Secretary of State negotiated the purchase from Russia of the entire Alaska region – a total of about 600,000 square miles. The price was about two cents per acre, but only later was this recognized as one of the world’s best real estate deals.   Alaska is by far the largest of the US states and is one of the largest political units in the world – far bigger than most entire nations.

The Yukon River formed a vital part of the Alaskan Gold Rush in the late 1800s. The Kenai River is now famous for its red salmon runs and trout. Iliamna Lake is Alaska’s largest, but Lake Louise draws far more tourists due to road access.

Formerly named Mount McKinley, Denali is in the Alaska Range and stands as the tallest mountain in the USA. Alaska includes about 1800 islands such as Kodiak Island.  200 of those islands make up the Aleutians in the southwest corner of Alaska.

With over 30 national parks, preserves and monuments such as Glacier Bay National Park, Sitka National Historical Park, Denali National park, Alaska stands tall as home to some of the greatest public lands resources in the United States.

The state is also known for big game hunting of moose, bear and sheep as well as salmon and crab fishing. The popular Discovery Channel series “Dangerous Catch” was based in Alaska, home to some of the world’s most lucrative king crab, salmon, and other huge fisheries.




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