Indiana Retirement

Indianapolis – Gary – Fort Wayne – Muncie – Terre Haute – Bloomington 

Indian Retirement Map

Indiana offers many retirement options to her large population as well as those considering relocation for retirement.  The “Hoosier State” refers to Indian’s colorful past where another nickname, the “Crossroads of America”, refers to the massive Indiana transportation hub of trains and highways.


The origin of the word “Hoosier” is not clear but sometime during the mid-19th century, it came to represent anyone from Indiana – hence, the other common nickname for Indiana: “The Hoosier State”. Nowadays, “Hoosier” is the name of the University of Indiana sports teams, as well as for many public and private high school teams. Cheering on Hoosiers is Indiana’s favorite pastime.

As you travel east of the industrial city of Gary and north of Interstate 80 you find Indiana’s beaches, sand dunes, bogs, wetlands, and the lovely woodlands of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Near the center of the state lies Indianapolis, Indiana’s only major urban center.  A sporting powerhouse location, Indianapolis is best known for the premier formula one auto race in America, the Indy 500.


Every year on Memorial Day.   Indianapolis is also host and ver loyal to their professional basketball team, the Indiana Pacers, and their football team, the Indianapolis Colts.


Indianapolis retirees will enjoy this “Amateur Sports Capital of the World” as a place where sports enthusiasts young and old, pro and beginner can find a good game or a great sports conversation pretty much anytime.


Indianapolis GaryFort Wayne MuncieTerre HauteBloomington



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