Nebraska Retirement

Omaha – Lincoln – Grand Island – North Platte

Nebraska Retirement Map


Nebraska retirement offers choices from the comfortable “big city” of Omaha to more rural venues, though like other northern states prospective retirees will want to make sure they are comfortable with a fairly cold winter climate. 

In Nebraska the Platte River Valley forms a natural east-west highway through the state.  Here, the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, and the California Trail all pointed wagon train immigrants westward.

The Platte is an unusual river, which westward-bound pioneers said was “a mile wide and an inch deep” and “too thick to drink, too thin to plow”. 

Nebraska’s 19th-century trail travelers marked the halfway point of their journey at Chimney Rock National Historic Site, a remarkable 325 foot spire of red sandstone that announces the transition from the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains.

The sheer cliffs of Scotts Bluff National Monument create a narrow pass and some vulnerability to attack by the Native Americans who were alarmed by the rapid influx of Euro-American settlers.

Retirees and visitors to Nebraska will find excellent museums and monuments documenting the history of the Trails and the Old West.  Omaha offers big city amenities in the state as does Lincoln.   Omaha is home to billionaire investor Warren Buffett “The Sage of Omaha”.   Note that the subtle beauty of the Nebraskan landscape is complemented by the welcoming warmth of her people.

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