Kansas Retirement

Topeka – Dodge City – Kansas City – Wichita

Kansas Retirement Map


Kansas is not known as a popular retirement destination state, but Kansas certainly offers the potential for a fine retirement in the US midwest.  The state is the nation’s largest producer of wheat.  Kansas is not actually “flat” as popularly thought.  In fact the elevation rises 3,000 feet between the eastern and western ends, but the transition is so gradual that it’s almost imperceptible.

Kansas City, Abilene, and Dodge City were all important destinations for the cattle drives of the American West.   Dodge City’s western heritage was dramatized in the TV show Gunsmoke.  The real-life personalities of Dodge were even more colorful and included Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Bat Masterson.  Dodge has numerous museums and tourist attractions around town to showcase its remarkable history.

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