LIVING HEALTHY – JOHN M. KALB MS DCMake a Commitment to Invest in Yourself! Money is the first thing that comes to mind for most of us when we hear the word wealth, and we often take for granted the importance of wealth management planning with the help of trust services. Money, shopping, and greed are worshiped by our consumerist society. Ironically, the latest research shows that friends are more important than money for our health and happiness. Our social capital is more important than our financial capital. I call this paradox the money trap. In our unequal society, we need a certain amount of money to live and retire well, but having money does not guarantee this. Most of us don’t know what really makes us happy and we’re looking in all the wrong places. Above the poverty level, more money doesn’t necessarily equal more happiness and obsessing about money can cause unhappiness. When planning for retirement, many people neglect to factor in the importance of their health and true wealth.

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with money, which creates a money “shadow.” We have unconscious beliefs about money, often learned in childhood, which adversely affects our relationship with money in the present. One common example is, “there will never be enough money” vs. “there will always be enough money.” With a contradictory belief like this, can you see how difficult it would be to have a healthy relationship with money in retirement?

How much is our health actually worth? Go to my website to read more… John

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