TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – GARY M. KAYEOne of the hottest topics at the recently concluded M-Enabling Summit outside of Washington, DC was wearables – all of this great new technology that one way or another attaches to our bodies. The Summit focuses on new mobile technologies to help seniors and the disabled, but a lot of it covers mainstream devices as well.

In the decade since the advent of wrist worn activity trackers, tens of millions have been sold. Fitbit alone has sold more than 20 million devices. Yet according to The Future Health Index www.futurehealthindex.com done for Philips, roughly 77% of the devices wind up unused within six months.

Activity trackers have been the first wave. They are part of the “quantified self” movement to track how we walk, sleep, stand, run, and eat. Most of that data is shared with our smartphones and little else. To learn more about some of the most innovative wearables, click here to read my full blog post.NEW 2015 lenovo-logo

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