TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – GARY KAYE  For many of us, one of the most aggravating things to do is install a new wireless router.  Often they are very complicated to hook up, require a long time to establish settings, and then as often as not they can be flakey after they are up and running.  Now, a new router from Linksys appears to solve many of the problems.  Given its high speed and retro look I’ve dubbed it “The Millennium Falcon of Routers”

What is it?  The Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless Router is the company’s latest and greatest home networking router.  It is a dual band router capable of achieving fast throughput and powerful enough to cover all the nooks and crannies of a decent sized home.  I found the retro design vaguely reminiscent of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon spaceship.  And it is very fast, though maybe not quite the speed of light.  It has four antenna to help get out the signal.  In addition to four Ethernet output ports, it also has two USB ports that can be used to attach big external storage devices (referred to as Network Attached Storage or NAS).  That means that if you want to keep your entire library of music, videos, and pictures in one place, they will be easy to access through the WRT1900AC.  And the read and write times are very fast:  100 Mbs reading, and 75 Mbs for writing.  Other reviewers have called this the best home networking router on the market, and I agree. For a look at how it plays with Boomers and Seniors, click here.

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