SENIOR LIVING – CHERIE HENRY– Respite: A usually short interval of rest or relief

One of the dangers of caregiving is burn-out.  We all need a respite from responsibilities, whatever they are, to perform at our best.  In particular, if you are providing care for a recovering or ill loved one.

I recently had a client who had a massive stroke 2 years ago.  Now unable to care for himself, his wife is providing 24/7 care.  In previous years, England was a frequent vacation destination for this couple to visit extended family and specifically her 94 year old dementia ridden mother.  She had been struggling with a way to visit her frail mother for an extended time while he is in such a state of care dependence.  I’m so pleased to say, a brilliant solution was available.  I had a number of senior housing options that will provide “short-term stays” or “respite” care for them to choose from!  Ray was cared for, engaged and lovingly supported while Val was away.  She was able to call anytime to check in with him, transportation to his many off-site appointments were arranged and taken care of by the community, medication management and social schedules were all taken care of, as well.  He made many friends and even gave a presentation to the community residents on World War II air combat dot fights – Both had wonderful summer vacations!

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