YOUR PET’S BEST FRIEND – CHRISTINE MALLAR– Hello all – I’m writing to you today to make sure you’re aware of a very serious problem for pets in this country. Thousands have been sickened or killed from simply eating Chinese Chicken jerky, even just a few strips. Three serious warnings have been issued by the FDA since 2007, yet they have not issued a recall, as they have not found the contaminant responsible. As Representative Dennis Kucinich said Monday, “By allowing the treats to stay on the market as the years-long investigation drags on, the FDA is guaranteeing more pets will die. Why?”

I’ve just written a blog post on my own website ( and I want to encourage everyone to forward it along to people you know who might be buying these treats, sold in many big retailers like Costco, Petsmart, Petco and Target.  Please post the warning to your Facebook pages and e-mail your friends. No more pets should have to die because they haven’t gotten the warning that these treats are clearly dangerous to feed, even in small amounts. Every person who gets this warning could mean another pet’s life saved from an unnecessary death.



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