HOUSING OPTIONS ELLEE CELLER, REALTOR – I have been an advocate of co-housing for many years and have written about it in the past. -housing communities are old-fashioned neighborhoods that combine the value of private homes with the benefits of sustainable living. That means common facilities and good connections with neighbors. Co-housing is a community mutual support society, something as old as the Bible! The concept originated in Denmark in the 1960s and has slowly made inroads here in the Unites States. As I look around the country, I see more and more co-housing communities being built, especially in Colorado.  

The man behind the Colorado growth is Jim Leach, president of Wonderland Hill Development Company. He has been focusing on building 21 of these communities for the last 20 years (primarily in Colorado and Boulder specifically), and lives in one himself with his wife. Leach has been working the last seven years to convert the former site of Washington Elementary School in Boulder into cohousing, while also preserving the century old schoolhouse that closed in 2003.

Recently, Jane Pauley interviewed on the Today show three “Golden Girls” about their co-housing set up. Here’s a link to their site: If you are interested in the concept of co-housing, a good place to start is the Cohousing Association of the United States. Their website offers some great resources:

I would be happy to facilitate exploring co-housing options with organically formed groups.  Email or call me and I will add you to the list!  If anyone who reads this is already into co-housing, let me know so I connect you with others!

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