TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – GARY M. KAYELeaving my technology hat off today to share a more personal story. Just about everyone I know has a favorite time of year. It could be Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or a birthday. The one event I look forward to most each year is my fall foliage biking trip with my son, Max. We’ve been doing it for 22 years. But not this year.

This month, we’re going on a different kind of adventure. Max will be donating a kidney to me. You can visit Nephrology & Hypertension Medical Associates here >> if you want to learn more about where we had this procedure done. What do you say about a son who is willing to give up a part of his body to keep his old man alive? How do I sufficiently express my love, gratitude, and admiration for what he’s doing? The words just don’t seem adequate.

Several friends have suggested that there may be other people interested in my story. So, I’ve decided to write about how I got here, and what I’m going through. I’m also working with the National Kidney Foundation to spread the word about the prevalence of kidney disease and the desperate need for organ donations. CLICK HERE TO READ MY STORY.

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