Dave Bernard – Keeping Active – Dave is a weekly contributor for the US News & World Report “On Retirement” blog and has authored works including his most recent book I WANT TO RETIRE! Essential Considerations for the Retiree to Be, as well as Are You Just Existing and Calling it a Life? and Navigating the Retirement Jungle and is a contributing writer to 65 Things to Do when you Retire. His research into a fulfilling retirement has led him to the realization that life needs to focus on finding and living our personal passion. Although not yet retired he has begun his due diligence to prepare for a fulfilling retirement and shares his insights and discoveries on his blog Retirement – Only the Beginning.

  • STAYING INDEPENDENT IN RETIREMENT KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – If things go as hoped my plans for retirement include living where I want in the house of my choice for as long as I can. I value my independence – the freedom to do what I want when I want and in this case, where I want. It ... more
  • WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM RETIREMENT? KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – If you retire at or around age 65 it is a reasonable hope to live a second act that stretches out for multiple decades. So long as you have saved enough, planned as best you can for various contingencies and are of general good health what you choose to ... more
  • RETIREMENT IS NO TIME TO BE BORED KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – Do you ever have one of those mornings when you just don’t want to get out of bed? For whatever reason staying tucked under those warm blankets just sounds better than any other option. There is nothing you must do – the calendar is clean. And if you are ... more
  • A GOOD RETIREMENT KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – Once we retire it is up to us to make the most of the life we live in our second act. The good news is no one is telling us what to do. The bad news is if we don’t figure it out for ourselves there is no one ... more
  • THE UPS AND DOWNS OF RETIREMENT LIVING KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – The day is under way as I gaze through the kitchen window at a darkening sky while enjoying my freshly brewed Cappuccino. Rumor has it we may actually be in for some rain – woo hoo! In our drought stricken California any and all precipitation is welcome. We are ... more
  • DISCOVER YOUR INDEPENDENCE IN RETIREMENT KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – Before we were retired my wife and I outsourced a decent portion of our maintenance and upkeep needs around the house. With both of us working we did not have the time or the inclination to dedicate those precious few hours of freedom the weekend afforded to pursuits other ... more
  • 10 TIPS TO STRETCH YOUR RETIREMENT SAVINGS KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – Those of us living the retired life are lucky in so many ways. We have the freedom to spend our days doing what we most enjoy. We are no longer subject to the stress of maintaining a full time job. Our children are beginning to discover the joy of ... more
  • WHY TRAVEL IN RETIREMENT KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – We are nearing the end of another memorable trip to Switzerland. Everything to this point has been spectacular from the uncharacteristic perfect weather – a bit warm but virtually no rain or other atmospheric negatives, something the locals say is unheard of this time of the year – to ... more
  • WHY FORREST GUMP IS THE PERFECT RETIREE KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – “Life is like a box of chocolates.” I bet that everyone reading this blog is familiar with that famous line from the movie Forrest Gump. Throughout this wonderful movie, Forrest proves to be an endearing, caring, forgiving, somewhat inept character that we all come to love. He perpetually gets ... more
  • PREPARE FOR THESE RETIREMENT CHALLENGES KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – In an ideal world, we save throughout our lifetime to provide for a secure retirement where our bills will be paid and we enjoy free time to pursue those interests we love most. It’s not easy to survive the obstacles and crises that arise along the way, but somehow ... more



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