HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER– Aid & Attendance is a pension benefit that many families have no idea exists, even though it was made available to Veteran’s starting with the Mexican Border Period (starting in May of 1916).  This pension becomes available when a Veteran &/or Spouse reaches a point in life where there is some basic levels of assistance required in their daily or weekly life, also known as ADL’s or Activities of Daily Living.  The maximum amount available has increased in 2012 to the following amounts, and is a tax free pension that once it has been granted, it is for the remainder of their life:

  • Veteran: $20,448 per year, $1704 per month
  • Veteran & Spouse: $24,240 per year, $2019 per month
  • Surviving Spouse: $13,140 per year, $1094 per month
  • If both spouses are qualified Veterans: $32,088 per year, $2674 per month

You can see that this is a great benefit that can help many families with high monthly medical and/or care expenses, and is definitely worth pursuing.

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