HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER-Submitting a “complete application” for Aid & Attendance typically means completing and gathering 40+ pages.  There are many forms that need to be included & quite a bit of information that needs to be gathered in order to meet the VA’s standards with this process.  The more complete & accurate your application is this first round, the better your chances are of making this a less timely matter.  All information submitted has to have supporting documentation, otherwise it will be requested at a later date & can prolong this whole process with the VA.  So gathering all the information in advance is a must! Getting the Original Form DD 214 (Separation Papers) is the one original document required, the remaining required documents can be copies, some of those documents include picture ID’s, Social Security benefit letters, Social Security card, marriage certificate, death certificate (if applying as a Surviving Spouse), etc.  For a full list of required documentation you can call or email us at or 503-781-1695

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