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  • GENERATING EXTRA INCOME IN RETIREMENT RETIREMENT – MARK DENNETT (RETIREUSA EDITOR) – If you are retired, there is always the thought that you may have a finite amount of money to see you through your retirement years. To remedy this nagging fear, many people are exploring retirement business ideas. As a student project, The Brenham Community Center in Texas developed ... more
  • IS A REVERSE MORTGAGE IN YOUR FUTURE? REAL ESTATE – ELLEE CELLER, REALTOR –- For those of us who are eligible for a Reverse Mortgage (RM for short) it can be a good thing or a bad thing.  I have seen it played out both ways. GOOD: If you have a small mortgage and plenty of equity in your home, if you plan ... more
  • ONE LAST WORD ON 2015 TAXES IRA ADVICE – ED SLOTT – It’s taken almost a full year – literally – but Congress has passed (and the President has signed) the PATH Act, which will include the much anticipated extenders bill. However, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill extenders bill. This year’s version of the extenders bill – something of a holiday tradition ... more
  • IMPACT OF NEW SOCIAL SECURITY RULES ON YOU IRA ADVICE – ED SLOTT – Retirement planning for millions of Americans has changed dramatically. On November 2, President Obama signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, which had a significant impact on both Medicare Part B participants and those trying to employ savvy planning tactics to get the most of their Social Security ... more
  • WORKING WHILE GETTING SOCIAL SECURITY THINKING RETIREMENT – ANDY LANDIS – You plan to work in retirement—or get a job offer you can’t refuse.  How is your Social Security affected? There are three sets of rules covering work income while you get Social Security: One set while you are under Full Retirement Age (FRA, currently 66) One for the year you turn ... more
  • ARE YOU READY FOR A REVERSE MORTGAGE? REAL ESTATE – CRAIG FOSTER – Now, don’t click away as soon as you read this title and consider this!  Although the reverse mortgage remains the most misunderstood financing instrument in real estate, some big changes were put in place in October 2013 by the Fed that dramatically changed the scope and flexibility of this ... more
  • SOCIAL SECURITY, MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE THINKING RETIREMENT – ANDY LANDIS – Marriage or divorce can have lifetime consequences for your Social Security and retirement finances.  Be sure you say “I know” before you say “I do” or “I’m done.” Marriage.  It’s a beautiful thing…except when it’s not.  In addition to its romantic overtones, marriage is a legal institution with a big ... more
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM SOCIAL SECURITY THINKING RETIREMENT – ANDY LANDIS-The new year brings a variety of changes and opportunities from Social Security, especially if you have a “Magic Birthday” in 2014.  Read on to learn the impact on your pocketbook. January news for everyone: Are you getting Social Security now?  Everyone on Social Security gets a 1.5% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) ... more
  • SOCIAL SECURITY ADVANCED STRATEGIES; A CASE STUDY THINKING RETIREMENT – ANDY LANDIS– A real-life case study illustrates three strategies for maximizing Social Security: delay, file and suspend, and spouse-only payments. True story, except the names are changed: I was wrapping up a client education event for a Seattle attorney.  Call her Clair.  She had collected about 50 clients and colleagues for a two-hour workshop ... more
  • SOCIAL SECURITY FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES THINKING RETIREMENT – ANDY LANDIS – When society changes, Social Security follows suit.  A recent Supreme Court ruling opened the door to Social Security spouse payments for same-sex couples.  SSA is developing policy to comply with the ruling. In order to receive Social Security spouse or widow’s payments, you have to prove marriage to the eligible ... more