HOUSING OPTIONS ELLEE CELLER, REALTOR – Sometimes it takes longer than we expect to refine what we want in our “retirement home.” Case in point, clients wanted elbow room, everything on one floor and a particular town. Result:  found the house of their dreams, after several offers that they changed their minds on–multiple levels, in a PUD and in another town!  The reason, they finally figured out that they wanted a sense of space, not necessarily the space (i.e. yard) that requires valuable fun time to maintain. They also found they needed lots of light and this turned out to be in a space that opened up to several levels, a few steps at a time and with multiple accesses to the outdoors.

Finally, the house was in a nearby town with quite nice amenities like the houses for sale near me and that is definitely fine.  So, when you start your search for your dream home, we recommend keeping an open mind and let your heart direct you!  A patient and listening agent helps, too.

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