RETIREMENT COACHING- DEBBIE DRINKARD GROVUM-Of all my great memories from a trip to Sedona, AZ, one of my favorites is learning about vortexes.  A vortex is a place of concentrated energy which interacts with a person’s inner self.  These special places in Sedona are believed to facilitate prayer, meditation and healing. Tour companies take people to the 15-20 vortexes within a ten-mail radius of the city.  Vortexes are a big deal in Sedona, attracting visitors who want to experience the healing and uplifting power they provide.

As much as I loved the vortexes of Sedona, I couldn’t travel there every time I wanted to experience their powers.  While running on my favorite Minnesota trail in the state park by our home, I realized I had found my own personal vortex.  I couldn’t explain why this happened, but every time I ran this route I felt a sense of exhilaration and completeness.   The state park route wasn’t the only place I ran, but the experience I had on this route was unique.

Each of us can find a personal vortex, a place where we experience healing and peace.   It may be a new or familiar place, but it will be a place we can easily and frequently visit.  How do we go about finding that unique and powerful place that comforts, energizes and empowers us?

  1. Reflect: Where do you feel happiest, most hopeful, most at peace?
  2. Pay Attention:   So often we live our lives on autopilot, concerning ourselves with what happened in the past or might happen in the future.  Eckhart Tolle wrote a best-selling book, The Power of Now, about the power of living in the present moment.  Paying attention to what is happening to us right now helps us be open to places and experiences that nurture us.
  3. Reflect: What happened when you focused on the now? What did you notice? How did you feel?
  4. Explore: Get outside, visit new places, walk a new path.  Try out a new experience or new place that sounds intriguing.  There may be a place you keep hearing or reading about but haven’t experienced.Reflect where did you go?  What place energized and comforted you?  What place called you to return?
  5. Identify: Where is your personal vortex? How will your life be better if you spend time there?
  6. Plan: How will you spend time in your personal vortex?


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