OPEN FORUM – KAREN DARLINGIn my last post, I shared how I had moved to a new area of the Pacific Northwest, and had to learn new things about my favorite pastime as a retiree.  I also had to find a way to create a whole new garden in my new home. 

I am happy to tell you, there are many ways to get plants, and garden materials, “on the cheap”.  The first discovery of mine was Craigslist.  I now have raspberry plants, bamboo, fruit trees, day lilies, and several other plants that I found for FREE!  Just look under the free tab and you will be amazed.  This week I found someone giving away landscaping rocks, so I drove my trusty Jeep over to the address and came home with enough to border a flower bed.

I have also found sources of very inexpensive plants, and materials.  I now have rain barrels, and a rose arbor for much less than I would have paid at a big box store.

In my home town of Portland, Oregon, people leave things on the curb that they no longer need, and it is a great source of garden material.  I have put my not needed items out in front of my house as well.  It is a great way to give and receive.

So, remember, we seniors have lots of money saving ways stored up in our brains over the years, so pull those ideas out and get out in the garden!

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