TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – GARY M. KAYE    Augmented Reality is not the feeling you get after a couple of drinks or smoking a joint.  That’s altered reality.  And it’s not what happens when you put on one of those amazing headsets that allows you to move around inside a gaming environment.  That’s Virtual Reality.

According to Ori Inbar, the CEO of Augmented, ”AR is the overlaying of computer graphics on the real world, making the world more interactive by making it clickable.”  Qualcomm Vice President Jay Wright , who heads Vuforia, Qualcomm’s AR technology business says, “(AR) is a technique for visualizing information.  AR is achieved by overlaying digital information over a real time view of the world.”

Wright points out that one of the first AR applications that many of seniorsand boomers are familiar with is the yellow line of scrimmage that we see during broadcasts of football games.  We know there’s really no yellow line on the field, yet we see it on our screens as a visual aid. The number of total AR applications is already in the tens of thousands, and growing so fast its almost impossible to keep track.

To see how Boomers and Seniors can make use of Augmented Reality today, click here.

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