YOUR PET’S BEST FRIEND – CHRISTINE MALLAR– Valentines Day is a day to tell everyone in your life how much you love them. Why not tell your furry family members how much they mean to you this day, by doing something just for them. Here are some ideas

For cats, maybe you can make up a new game.  Spread out tons of newspapers and drag toys through the layers, or find a big cardboard box and cut a variety of holes in it – a few bigger ones they can use as doors on the sides or hatches in the top, and some smaller ones in a variety of places to peek through and that their paws can fit through. Then get a dangly toy and entice them to jump in and play with the toy through the holes.
For dogs, try and think of what it is they really enjoy.
For dogs who love treats, perhaps they’d like a homemade dog treat:
Dried Liver: http://www.dogtreatkitchen.com/easy-dog-treat-recipe.html – cats might like this too, cut into very small pieces. Chicken livers would be popular too
Many dogs love an outing. Is there someone special they just love to visit? Or maybe a stroll in an entirely new park they’ve never seen? Or a favorite pet supply store they love to go to that hands out treats? Arrange a short trip that gives them joy.
Perhaps a nice activity for you and your pets would be a photo session. Set up a nice backdrop inside, or find a pretty spot outside. If you have a helper, maybe they can use toys and treats to help to get their attention while you snap a few pictures, and maybe they can get a few sweet ones with you and your “fur kids”.  These memories  can feel priceless later.
Every pet is different, but if you can think of something sweet to do just for them, this is a nice day to do it.
While you’re celebrating with your human friends, remember safety for your pets:
– keep candle flames enclosed so whiskers and tails don’t get singed                                                     remember that candy, especially chocolates, can be toxic
– remember that many flowers and plants that are sent could also be toxic to your pets. Check out this previous blog posting about a pet poison resource where you can easily look up plants and many other hazards easily: http://retireusa.net/blog/pet-poisons-theres-an-app-for-that/

Our pets are never around long enough. Why not take this opportunity whenever you can to think of something just for them that makes them really happy and take time in the day to do that? It doesn’t have to be expensive – there are many fun ways to please your pets. The most important thing is to spend some special time together, time that’s just for them to feel your love and attention.  Happy Valentines Day!


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