TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPY – BILL FERRY There are times when some pictures need a little tweaking. The never ending geometry of this old railroad barn was striking combined with the reflected blue sky and yellow light from a setting sun. Got a good look? Good, then how would it look if the sky had been left unretouched?

The location of this shot is also worth a mention. US highway 50 runs east/west through central Nevada. The first road across America was the Lincoln Highway and it passed through Ely. It is also known as the “Loneliest Road In America.” Ely is largest town on US 50. Though originally a Pony Express stop, copper mining made the town and the railway a hub of industry. Despite cycles of boom and bust, Ely is very much a thriving town. Now the ore is moved via rail to Seattle. A little tip for those visiting – due to business traffic servicing the mines in the area, make sure you have reservations. Most decent hotels sell out every night all year long.

Just don’t get spooked driving that long and lonely road


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