THINK RETIREMENT – ANDY LANDIS–  Hi there, I’m Andy Landis.  For my first blog—ever—let me introduce myself and let you know what you’ll find here in coming weeks.

I’ve been working with pre-retirees and retirees throughout my career.  It wasn’t planned that way, but that’s where the road led.  I was hired by the Social Security Administration in 1977 and worked in a variety of Social Security offices until 1990.  Along the way I gained a lot of technical expertise in Social Security, SSI, and Medicare—and a deep appreciation for the programs—and acquired a love of educating people on Social Security and successful retirement.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 22 years, in a variety of roles, and that’s what you’ll see here in my blog.  Some upcoming topics (in no particular order):

Who can get Social Security?

Social Security is Like a River

Social Security Spouse Benefits

When To Take Social Security

Maximizing Your Social Security

Re-Defining “Retirement”

The 24/7 Spouse:  Meet Bill and Cathy

Social Security Widows Benefits

When to Apply for Medicare

How to Apply for Social Security

Three Paths to Supplement Medicare

Supplement Your Income with SSI

Let me know if there’s a Social Security, Medicare, or other retirement topic you’d like me to discuss.  Just email me at andy@andylandis.biz.  Until then, best wishes, and keep Thinking Retirement!

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