TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – GARY M. KAYE  – Here’s my second list of holiday gifts for parents of 50+’ers. Here are just a few of the best items. You can see my completed list of gifts here:

Tablet Computer – AARP RealPad – AARP decided that the consumer electronics industry wasn’t serving the needs of seniors with approachable technology.  So they came up with their first piece of hardware, a  7.85” diagonal HD touchscreen device with a host of attractive features incuding 24/7 live technical support, big homescreen icons, easy video chatting, and a series of video tutorials.  And it will also run all your favoriate Android apps. It also comes with a free one year AARP membership. Price is $189.

Gary's Part II - nuvi 2689 2Automobile Navigation SystemGarmin Nuvi 2789 LMT and Nuvi 2689 LMT– These new units from Garmin make getting around easier than ever.  They feature pinch and zoom touchscreens and voice command.  They also feature millions of Points of Interest from FourSquare.  They have unlimited traffic avoidance and Lifetime map upgrades.  Garmin has put in detailed directions to complex locations such as airports and shopping malls, and provides clear illustrations to navigate complicated interesections. The Advanced Series 6” diagonal Nuvi 2689 LMT is available now for $270.  The larger 7” version, the 2789 LMT will be available in the first quarter of 2015 for $350 but for those with vision issues, it may well be worth waiting for.  You can always give your favorite senior an IOU.

Gary's part II - Icebug bootsIce Gripper BootsIceBug JuniperBUGrip – Slipping and falling on ice is a real worry for folks who live in wintry climates like the northeast.  These technically sophisticated boots come in men’s and women’s sizes.  They feature a tread design with metal studs, just like studded tires, along with waterpfoof uppers.  They look like normal hiking shoes, but will help keep the folks safe on slippery city sidewalks and parking lots.  Price is $160.

Gary's Part II - Lenovo Horizon 2eFamily Personal ComputerLenovo Horizon  2e Two-In-One  This computer provides a great gathering place for the family.  Standing up, it’s a fully functional touchscreen desktop computer running Windows 8.1.  But lay it down flat and it becomes a gaming machine for the whole family, with available pieces for air hockey, Monopoly, and lot of other games.  It’s also a great way to look at family pictures, blow them up, move them around, and it’s a great big tablet for the grandkids to do their artwork.  It comes with a battery so you can move it from room to room on a moment’s notice. Price – begins at $750.

Gary's Part II - valert and phonePersonal Emergency Alert DeviceV.ALRT–  This is a button sized device that works through your smartphone.  It is the smallest we’ve seen that also performs fall detection. Unlike many others it doesn’t require a monthly fee or long term subsciption.  Pushing the button will send a personalized message to as many as three pre-selected contacts.  It uses the GPS services in your smartphone to provide location in case help is needed.  To avoid false fall alerts, it gives the user several seconds to cancel a fall notification.  It comes with a wristband and a rubber collar that can attach to a clip or a chain to be worn as a pendant.  Price $60.

You can see Gary’s complete list of his favorite tech gifts here:

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