TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – GARY M. KAYE  – Here’s my list of holiday gifts for men over 50. These are just a few of the best items. You can see my completed list of gifts here:

Gary's Part III - Sony  a6000Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens CameraSony a6000  – Sony is one of the leadming makers of mirrorless cameras, a system that provides the quality of some of the best DSLR’s but at a fraction of the size and price.  Sony has renamed what had been its NEX line and folded it into its Alpha line.  The a6000 boasts a sharp electronic viewfinder, super fast auto focus so you won’t miss a shot, and New Field Communications (NFC)  and WiFi so you can share pictures on a smartphone or tablet with a touch.  Price $550

SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy Note 4 – We’ve always liked the big screen Samsung Note line because of its “S” Pen feature that allows handwritten notes that you can store or convert to text.  You can use the “S” Pen to highlight and move text, as well as to make notes on photographs.  The latest version has a Quad HD screen, a better design build, and multi-tasking capability. Because its from Samsung, it integrates easily with the rest of the Samsung ecosystem including tablets tv’s, smartwatches and more.  You can get it from either AT&T or Verizon for $300 with a two year contract.  We’ve seen the unlocked version priced anywhere from $600 and up.

Gary's Part III - Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro (2)Hybrid Laptop/Tablet Computer – Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro – This is the latest in the Yoga line, named for its flexibility to be used as a laptop, tablet, tent, or display stand.  The Yoga 3 makes use of an innovative hinge design to make it thinner, and it has a new chip from Intel that draws less power and generates less heat.  Because of its capabilities, this one machine can function quite well as both a touchscreen laptop and a Windows 8.1 tablet, and for some of us that means one less device to carry.  Price begins at $1300.

Gary's Part III - Eagle Creek convertabriefComputer BagEagle Creek Convertabrief – This is the most versatile computer bag we’ve seen.  It can be carried as either a shoulder bag or a comfortable backpack.  It has one padded pocket to carry a laptop computer and tablet that can be zipped open so you don’t have to take anything out at airport security.  It has a big central pocket that can carry clothes for an overnight trip.  And it has other zipped internal and external pockets for accessorites like chargers, music players, cables, headphones, and plenty more.  What’s more, almost every one of the external pockets can be locked. Price $175.

Hi Res Portable Music PlayerAstell&Kern AK 120 II – With the advent of digital hi-res music formats, audiophiles are no longer limited to collections of vinyl records.  But hi-res music files take up a lot more room than the MP3 files on your iPhone or other music player.  The AK 120 II has the capacity to handle 256 GB of music between the device’s internal drive and a mcro SD Card like the 128 GB SDXC card from SanDisk.  The output quality is superb, especially into a great set of Hi-Res headphones.  The AK 120 II is a gorgeous piece of industrial design, with a solid aluminum body and a bright touchscreen display.  Price is $1699.

You can see Gary’s complete list of his favorite tech gifts here:

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