Gary's Part IV - LG-G-WatchTECHNOLOGY AND YOU – GARY M. KAYE  Okay folks, time to go shopping for your kiddies, some of whom are no doubt out-earning you these days.  Others may still be living in your garage.  Either way you gotta love ‘em and probably spoil them.  Here’s a start:

Watch –LG G Watch– While the industry tells us the interest in wearable devices is exploding, so far most of the smartwatches on the market have looked pretty clunky.  The LG G Watch  uses Google’s Android Wear software and connects with most recent Android smartphones.  In terms of functionality the G Watch responds to voice commands, will give you Google Now notifications, and has extensive health and fitness tracking capability.  Price $230.

Tablet ComputerLG G Pad 10.1 – This is a budget priced tabet with a big screen that’s a decent alternative to some of the high priced tablets.  It uses the Android KitKat operating system.  It has stereo speakers for an improved entertainment experience.  It uses LG’s QPair technology to operate with many compatile Android smartphones.  It has a big battery for all-day use.  And it is capable of doing multi-tasking.  The Wi-Fi version goes for about $250.  You can get broadband versions from both Verizon and AT&T.

Gary's Part IV - Sony mini Action CamAction CameraSony Mini Action Cam with Live View Remote With it’s newest Action Camera, Sony is out to prove that good things come in even smaller packages.  The Action Cam Mini is about two-thirds the size of its previous models.  It comes with a waterproof and dustproof case.  It is both NFC and WiFi enabled.  It also comes with Sony’s Live View Remote, which resolves the issue of being able to see what your Point of View camera is seeing in real time.  The mini-monitor can strap to your wrist and lets you operate the camera remotely while seeing what it sees.  No longer will you need a smartphone to use as a monitor – a situation that’s problematic if you’re biking down a trail or skiing down a slope.  Price $350.

Gary's Part IV - Audioengine B2 SpeakerWireless Speaker SystemAudioengine B2  – Get ready for a new quality experience from Bluetooth speaker.  Audioengine has taken two of its award winning 2+ powered desktop speakers, added it’s hi-res B1 Bluetooth audio streaming device and combined them all into one attractive chassis.  It pairs with you smartphone, tablet, or hi-res audio player almost instantly and delivers terriric sound quality.  It’s available in three different finishes. Price $299.

Gary's Part IV - Dare2B FrameworkTechnical Jacket – Dare2B Framework Jacket – This is a wonderful piece of technical clothing for snow wind, or rain.  It’s made with an extremely breathable fabric, it has a removable skirt to keep out the snow and the cold.  The hood has a wire frame to keep its shape and help visibility.  It has lots of inside and outside pockets, and an innoovative magnetic closure to keep the storm flap secured. Price: $188.

You can find our complete list of our favorite tech gifts for the chldren of those over 50 here:

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