LIVING HEALTHY – CHERIE HENRY – SENIOR LIVING– As I was reviewing the blogs posted, I came across Brittany’s blog regarding Veteran’s Aid and Attendance.  Golden Placement Services works closely with Brittany and Mei at Care Option Resources and here is why.

Many, many veterans have no knowledge the benefit exists for care needed as they age.  The amount of the benefit may make a difference as to whether someone can afford a place that provides extended care.  With the services Brittany and Mei provide, we have been able to assist families in finding placement that otherwise they could not afford.

As an example, we had a client that needed to move from an Independent Living situation to a place where he could get a higher level of care.  His income was limited and would not have accommodated any place that provided care.  With Care Option Resources assistance, his guardian was able to apply for VA A&A, we were able to place him to get the care he needed.  End of story is, that due to the care he received in the adult care home, after about a year, he was able to move back to a more Independent setting that was more cost effective.

One of the questions we always ask of a client is, “Are you a veteran?”.  If yes, we refer them to Care Option Resources to determine if they qualify or not.

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