HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER– So far we have covered dates of service, how to order new “original” DD Form 214’s, and the maximum amount a Veteran, Surviving Spouse, or a couple can qualify for on a monthly basis.  The next big piece to this qualification process is considering what a Veteran &/or Spouse has as a monthly recurring income.  This would be their Social Security income, retirement pensions, annuity income, any interest accrued throughout the year, etc.  From this average monthly income you need to be able to show the VA exactly how much of that goes back out of your pocket each month in order to cover medical & care type of expenses.  Supporting documentation will be required, especially with all monthly recurring expenses. This can amount to large deductions from ones income, which in turn can increase the monthly pension amount awarded from the VA.  To find out more about the list of possible deductions, please go to our website or you can email us at

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