TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPY – BILL FERRY– Part 1: There are hours, days, weeks and months of training.

In some cases, years. Many sessions are spent in solitude – just you and the elements. The payoff isn’t certain. Doing a combined 140.5 miles (swim, bike, run) in less than 17 hours is not guaranteed. Nutrition can let you down, equipment can fail and a hundred other little things can happen to keep you from crossing the finish line to become an Ironman.
We came to Coeur d’Alene to meet up with old friends. Their son, Chris, had signed up to do his first Ironman. We enjoyed being with our friends but we marveled at what an Ironman race was all about.
“Race” is a misnomer. Sure, you are working a little bit against others and a clock but at the heart of the event, you are plumbing your own depths. Do you have what it takes in all categories to complete what perhaps the most physically demanding contest of any major sport?
Before there is a race, there is the windup and pitch. Lots of products are offered. The day or two leading up to the Ironman almost have the feel of a convention


The cola ones are pretty good.


You have no idea of the stuff available to help athletes until you come to an Ironman


They dont take their good health for granted.

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