TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPY – BILL FERRY– Some finished early and some never made it.

We’d come to cheer our friend’s son, Chris. He not to be denied. An hour and a half after we all cheered him on earlier in the course, he chugged down the gray carpet marking the last few yards of the ordeal. A few seconds later, as he crossed the finish line, the announcer crowed, “Chris Pollack, You ARE an Ironman.”

Posing for pictures with his impressive medallion

Everybody in the family looks happy except Chris. He’s probably exhausted.
I have no photographs of them from this race but my heart goes out to the vast majority of competitors who finished later (and to those who didn’t). Chris finished in just over ten and a half hours. For another 6 plus hours (until midnight when the course was closed) the majority of participants were behind Chris. It’s hard to imagine the personal struggles that most of them went through as they closed in on the finish line. Each yard bringing them closer to exhaustion and the breaking point

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