HOUSING OPTIONS ELLEE CELLER, REALTOR – I am impressed with the growing number of Baby Boomers and Beyond, who are making new choices about where and how to live.  It is interesting to me that couples and singles are searching for homes that provide less attention to maintenance so that they can spend more time going to theatre, volunteering at many activities from the traditional to new (e.g. Sanctuary One, a rescue farm for animals, the land and people).  Perhaps one of the unintended consequences of the drop in real estate values in the last few years is that builders will begin to design and build homes that allow active, dare I say Seniors, to live comfortable independent lives far beyond what our parents expected.  Perhaps we will be seeing more attention to co-housing as an economic alternative to apartment living or living with our children.  Co-housing has been around for some time but is becoming more interesting to those who wish to maintain a life style that includes special interests: music, art, gardening, etc., with others with similar interests.  Not only does it become “economy of scale” but solves the worry of living alone without giving up living separately.  Check out your library or call me for suggestions on Co-Housing options.

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