TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPY – BILL FERRY– Often we’ll stop and look at a subject and think…”there’s a picture there”, but then get it downloaded into the computer, see it and say “nah.”
However, something was there that drew our eye. Maybe something hidden, maybe the texture or perhaps it’s the flow of light but something makes us point the camera and shoot.
The “before” & “after” you see here is the result of just such a shot.
I’m not sure I could put my finger on why I liked what I saw when I shot this shaded Redwood tree and certainly when I viewed it in the computer my first thought was “what were you thinking.” But one of the many advantages of the digital age is that it is now within our control to quickly experiment with or enhance what we see. For me the shot had an intriguing flow of light and the potential for textures.
Hmmm, let’s try a simple desaturation of color. After converting to black and white it was easy to see the play of light. The green of the tree and blue of the sky are gone. Now the tree became equal to the light as a subject. Texture of both leaves and bark made for a good interplay.
Next time your eye teams up with the camera but you can’t quite figure out why, try a few things in the computer – your shot may be there after all
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