RETIREMENT COACHING – DEBBIE DRINKARD GROVUMFroid ou Chaud? A simple question from our Parisian waiter, and after six years of high school and college French, I knew those words meant “hot or cold”. But on the first night of my first trip to Paris many years ago, my mind went blank, and my ten-year-old daughter ended up with a cup of warm milk. We had a good laugh, and in spite of my unsuccessful communication attempt, I continued to use my limited French for the remainder of our trip. Odds are I made other less-obvious language mistakes, but the Parisians were kind and seemed to appreciate my efforts.

Each time I return to my favorite city in the world, I try to improve my French language skills. As I plan my next trip to Paris, I am once again learning more French. My husband, who made no effort to learn French on previous trips, decided he will have more fun if he knows some French and is working on his basic language skills. Although we are at different levels, we are having fun practicing together. Are you too old to learn a new language? No, it is never too late. Click here to discover how to get more out of travel by learning a language.

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