JULIA RUSCITTI – INSURANCE –  A native Oregonian, Julia is a graduate of Portland State University and has been involved in insurance sales and consulting for the past nine years. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Medicare supplements including MedAdvantage plans, Medigap, and stand alone RX plans. Julia is also a Financial Benefits Counselor for The Sons of Norway. In addition, she is affiliated with the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society, offering Final Expense consulting and sales through Lincoln Heritage.

  • LET’S TALK ABOUT DRUGS……..MEDICARE PART D INSURANCE – JULIA RUSCITTI– THE BASIC PLAN – So what are the basics of Part D?  The bill (originally signed by President Bush) is 411 pages long, and takes a CIA decoding team to understand.  Do I dare try to summarize it on one page? Since 2006, Medicare Part D has offered beneficiaries assistance with their prescription ... more
  • MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT “HIGH DEDUCTIBLE” PLAN F INSURANCE – JULIA RUSCITTI – In contrast to Plan F, there is also a “High Deductible” Plan F.  Choosing this plan means you must pay for all Medicare covered costs up to the “high deductible” amount of $2,070 in 2012, before your plan pays for anything.   So, unlike the Plan F, you would be responsible ... more
  • SOPHISTICATED ATMOSPHERE IN SENIOR LIVING DINING LIVING HEALTHY – CHERIE HENRY – SENIOR LIVING – Food and hospitality are key foundations of senior living communities. Thankfully, many perceptive senior care administrators are working to enhance both. More and more well traveled residents have come to expect upscale décor finishes and fine dining options in their food selections. Older adults are more ... more
  • MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT INSURANCE PLAN “F” Many Medicare Beneficiaries have a Medicare supplement plan F. The reason is the simplicity and functionality. Some agents describe plan F as 100% coverage. In other words, it covers all deductibles and co-pays associated with part A and part B of Medicare. more
  • MEDICARE (MEDIGAP) SUPPLEMENTS Seniors should routinely review their current health insurance plans to see if a Medicare supplement policy would be a good idea. If you have retired, and have insurance through your previous employer; you are often times finding that your current policies are frequently changing – and, not always for the good. more

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