MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS – ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – A national expert on senior living, Madeline was one the pioneers in the concept of “aging-in-place.” Incorporating concepts she developed during a distinguished career in social and senior services, Madeline played a key role in creating Mountain Meadows, an award-winning 55+ community in Ashland, Oregon. Madeline and her fellow Mountain Meadows residents will be sharing their reflections of life in their community, and you might find it is far different than you have imagined “retirement” to be. In Madeline’s vision, a planned community for the aging population “would look like the rest of town, and be part of the life of the town, yet have a rich community life of its own and, above all, residents would have control over how it is run, and keep their equity.”

  • TO OWN OR NOT TO OWN, CHAPTER 2 ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS By Galen In Chapter 1 I suggested that corporate-owned senior facilities seem to work for folks able to afford the fees which deliver lavish accommodations, better staff ratios, and higher levels of service than those available to most resident-owned communities. However the reason many seniors do not yet feel ready ... more
  • TO OWN OR NOT TO OWN ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS By Galen The long-term advantage of owning your own property is still a strong motivating factor for many people in their search for a senior community, even after several years of declining property values.  There is a distinct advantage in ownership which preserves your estate and gives you direct ... more
  • REDWOOD HIGHWAY AT MOUNTAIN MEADOWS   ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS, BY GALEN A Star is Born!  Actually a number of new stars might emerge, assuming our Mountain Meadows cast of extras will be discovered and signed to movie contracts this year.  What fun it was to host the filming of Redwood Highway here last fall. This movie should ... more
  • THE UPSIDE OF DOWNSIZING ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS– By Christine Debbie Grovum’s  recent post on “downsizing” showed that as we age we do often need to reduce the number of our possessions and activities, but for me, rather than being sad or daunting this can be a positive and even empowering sort of experience. We’ve just spent our ... more
  • BOB’S ECLECTIC FRIDAY FORUM ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS– By Christine One of the things I like best about living at Mountain Meadows (MM) is the great variety of viewpoints my co-residents and I can offer each other. This 55+ Active community living makes it possible to celebrate the life of the mind with all the freedom of ... more
  • OUR 55+ LIFESTYLE; ACTIVE, STIMULATING, AND REWARDING ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS– (By David) Some of us were talking the other day about what we like best about Mountain Meadows Community, where we live. For me, it’s the people! They’re intelligent, physically and mentally active, creative, and caring. In our dining room a half-hour meal often turns into two hours ... more
  • FOLLOWING THE THREAD TO ELDER   ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS–by Madeline- Recently some neighbors here at Mountain Meadows (MM) hosted a screening in our Clubhouse of Dot: An Ordinary Life, an Extraordinary Person, a fine short documentary film about Ashland resident Dot Fisher-Smith. They invited Dot to come to dinner in our Dining Room, see our Hilltop ... more
  • CO-HOUSING CONCEPTS, PART 2 – INTENTIONALITY ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS-By Christine.  In my earlier post on cohousing I promised more information on cohousing, a popular concept among Baby Boomers. I’d been looking at that option when I found Mountain Meadows (MM), where I now live. Cohousing encompasses many possibilities for still-active new seniors to explore as  they ... more
  • BOOMER DREAMS; CO-HOUSING AND RELATED OPTIONS, PART 1 ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS – By Christine. Ellee Celler’s recent discussion of cohousing reminded me that when I came here to Mountain Meadows (MM) seven years ago, I’d been hoping to find cohousing. I had the vague idea that cohousing meant shared resources such as buildings and land, with a mutual commitment ... more
  • HOW TO SELECT YOUR RETIREMENT COMMUNITY, PART 3 ACTIVE RETIREMENT LIVING – MADELINE HILL & FRIENDS– By Galen- In my first two posts I looked at some things Mary Margaret and I learned about social atmosphere, design, and medical factors. Other crucial questions for us were “Who owns the community?” and “Who makes the decisions that will affect our lives here?” Keep in mind ... more

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