INSURANCE – JULIA RUSCITTI – Many Medicare Beneficiaries have a medicare supplement plan F.  The reason is the simplicity and functionality. Some agents describe medicare supplement plan F as 100% coverage.  In other words, it covers all deductibles and co-pays associated with part A and part B of medicare insurance. That is the simplicity. The functionality lies in the fact that all you have to remember to budget are the annual premiums, and that is your total out of pocket expenditures – no matter what medical expenses you incur – period.  This keeps it nice and simple. For bookkeeping purposes, unless a doctor or hospital is charging you for something that is not covered or approved by Medicare or an independent insurance agency, you shouldn’t have to pay for any medical charges associated with your health care.  Your Plan F, together with your original Medicare, should be coordinating with the help of a company like bear river insurance; so that you have no out of pocket expenses.  Again, there can be exceptions (any cost/procedure not approved or covered by Medicare) but this is basically the rule. I like plan F because it’s easy to explain, and easy for people to remember what their plan covers. I have never had a client complain about the way a Plan F performs.

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