MEI WONG AND BRITTANY WEILER – Mei, a Certified Geriatric Wellness Instructor with Memory Enhancement, is CEO of Care Option Resources (COR), which helps veterans and widows with acquiring their benefits. She is also on the Board for Thelma’s Place, a nonprofit resource center that serves seniors and families. She serves on the Board of the Business Advisory Committee of Oregon and is President and Founder of Senior Resources Today.

Like Mei, Brittany also works with Veterans, surviving spouses and their families to better understand the benefits available to them through the Veterans Administration. She is also a certified Geriatric Wellness Instructor with Memory Enhancement and has experience in the senior industry and in insurance & retirement planning. Brittany is a native Oregonian, loves the outdoors and feels truly blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends and family, always wanting to give back.

  • FILLING OUT FORMS A CHORE? HERE IS HELP! HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER-Submitting a “complete application” for Aid & Attendance typically means completing and gathering 40+ pages.  There are many forms that need to be included & quite a bit of information that needs to be gathered in order to meet the VA’s standards with this process.  The more complete & accurate your ... more
  • VETERANS AID AND ATTENDANCE HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER-We at Care Option Resources want to take a moment to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!    We have worked with so many amazing families of senior Veterans over these past years that we feel it is important, especially during the holiday season, ... more
  • MORE ON THE VA AID AND ATTENDANCE PENSION   HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER -“The Qualifiers” continued…..after getting past the first few rounds of qualifications, the VA is going to request information regarding the applicant’s total liquid assets. All current statements and account information will be required when completing a full application for the Aid & Attendance pension.  The good news is that the ... more
  • MORE ON VETERAN’S ASSISTANCE HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER-Are you  ready for the next piece of this whole qualification process with the VA & the Aid & Attendance pension program??  Alright, here we go!  The next qualifier is in regards to what a Veteran &/or Spouse has as a monthly recurring income. This would be Social Security income, retirement ... more
  • DO YOU QUALIFY FOR VETERANS ASSISTANCE? HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER– Aid & Attendance is a pension benefit that many families have no idea exists, even though it was made available to Veteran’s starting with the Mexican Border Period (starting in May of 1916).  This pension becomes available when a Veteran &/or Spouse reaches a point in life where there is ... more
  • HOW TO QUALIFY FOR VETERANS ASSISTANCE HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER– So far we have covered dates of service, how to order new “original” DD Form 214’s, and the maximum amount a Veteran, Surviving Spouse, or a couple can qualify for on a monthly basis.  The next big piece to this qualification process is considering what a Veteran &/or Spouse has ... more
  • AID AND ATTENDANCE AMOUNTS HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER – Aid & Attendance is a pension benefit that statistics show is extremely untapped & unrecognized by many families who would actually qualify.  Even though it is available to Veterans & surviving spouses & the dates recognized start with the Mexican Border Period (starting in May of 1916), only a ... more
  • MORE ON THE VETERANS PENSION HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER – In our previous discussion we covered the dates of service & the fact that in order to qualify, the Veteran’s dates of “active” service need to hit just 1 day during these specified time lines, along with at least 90 days of total “active” service.  Many families find that ... more
  • ASSISTANCE FROM THE VA HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER – Aid & Attendance is a pension benefit that has been in place for Veteran’s & Surviving Spouses since before the Indian Border Wars. So you can see it has been available for quite some time, yet it is a highly untapped benefit, with an approximate 90% of Veterans & ... more
  • HELP WITH HOUSING FOR VETERANS HOUSING OPTIONS – MEI WONG – Are you a Veteran, spouse of a Veteran, or family member of a Veteran? If so, you or a family member may qualify for an Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit. You do not need to have service-connected injuries to qualify. It is a benefit that helps people who have ... more

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