TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – GARY M. KAYE –  Taking pills is not fun. And as we age, chances are that we’ll have to take more pills more often. Not only is that a problem for those who need the medications, but also for those who take care of them. And it’s a 300-billion-dollar problem. That’s $300,000,000,000. That’s a lot of zeros and represents a lot of untaken pills, ungiven injections, and un-spritzed sprays. The consequences of this staggering level of non-adherence are huge. Unnecessary hospitalizations. Unnecessary provider visits. Unnecessary strain on family and caregivers. And in some cases, unnecessary deaths. So, it’s no wonder the health care system has been struggling for years to find ways to improve compliance while reducing costs. And now companies are using technology to provide a solution. One solution is a system called PILLDRILL. This may be the most comprehensive consumer friendly system we’ve seen, but it has a lot of moving parts and requires a serious time and effort commitment to set it up. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.NEW 2015 lenovo-logo

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