HOUSING OPTIONS – BRITTANY WEILER In our previous discussion we covered the dates of service & the fact that in order to qualify, the Veteran’s dates of “active” service need to hit just 1 day during these specified time lines, along with at least 90 days of total “active” service.  Many families find that they do indeed qualify, but are unable to locate the “original” Form DD 214 or Separation Papers from the Veteran’s service.  If this is the case then new certified copies can be ordered from the VA, at no charge to the family.  The quickest way to order these is by going to the following VA website, anticipate a few weeks before they will get these mailed out to you:

This site will walk you through several screens of questions about the Veteran, so make sure you are prepared.  For example they will ask the Veteran’s date of birth, place of birth, social security number, service number (if you don’t have this, then using their SS# again is a method we use), approximate date of discharge, etc.  Once you are done the VA will mail it directly to the address you specify.  You will need to print out the final confirmation page & get a signature from the Veteran or Spouse that is applying for the benefit.  The “original” Form DD 214 will be required when submitting a full application to the VA for Aid & Attendance, so this step may be crucial if your family can’t locate the “originals”.

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