Max (Karen) photoKAREN DARLING – ALTHOUGH KAREN IS STILL PART OF OUR TEAM, WE ASKED OUR RETIREUSA PARTNER TO SHARE HER NEWEST ADVENTURE WITH YOU. – I will be 70 on my next birthday, and I figured that I was past my time for entrepreneurial passion.  But, to my surprise, and delight, I have realized that one is never too old to find new excitement in life.  But, what I never would have guessed is that my new passion is dog food.  Read below to hear what happened to me.

Fourteen months ago, I was at my wits end with what to do for my dog Max, who was having seizures about every 6 weeks.  The many vets that examined  and tested him could only offer drugs.  I really didn’t want to go there.  I finally found a holistic vet who suggested I change his diet and also start making his food at home.

With her guidance, I started to feed him raw lamb and an array of cooked vegetables.  Long story short…..he is seizure free!  After about three months of seeing the amazing turn around, I thought about developing a vegetable mixture to go with a dog’s main protein (raw meat, kibble, etc). I figured I could sell this food! Since I am a retired social worker, and knew next to nothing about canine nutrition, I hired an expert canine nutritionist as well as obtained the guidance and feedback from several other sources, including the holistic vet.  After nearly a year of testing and research, we came up with Max Meal. It is cooked, which is important I learned, as it is much more digestible and thus the dog absorbs more nutrition.  So now I am making Max Meal in my kitchen, doing demos in pet stores, hanging out with dog lovers and their dogs, hearing stories from them of positive health changes and generally having a great time!  Who knows, I may even make some money to supplement my retirement fund.

So entertain your passions and give them the energy to be fulfilled. You may find a new phase of life you thought was over. Check out my website for more information

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