TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – GARY M. KAYEHaving a hard time using your smartphone because you can’t hear it? The Novo, made by ASTI (Adaptive Sound Technologies) is a tiny smart volume control for your headphones connected to your smartphone or other music player.

It works differently from Noise Cancelling phones in that it does not cancel out ambient noise.  Instead, it adjusts the volume based on what it hears going on around you.  So, for example, if you’re walking along a busy street and having a phone conversation, it will automatically boost the volume to counter the sounds of traffic.  By flipping the switch into “reduce” mode, you can make it more sensitive to outside noise and reduce the volume.  That’s useful if you’re listening to music while jogging, but want to stay aware of sounds around you like horns or bicycle bells. Click here to learn more about the Novo and other tech gear for seniors. NEW 2015 lenovo-logo

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