TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – GARY M. KAYE The big European consumer electronics show in Berlin is called IFA. In covering this event for my blog Tech 50+ and for RetireUSA, it was clear that technology is waking up to sleep.  We could all be sleeping better, regardless of age, in the future.

NEW 2015 lenovo-logoTwo of the major players in consumer electronics, Samsung and Philips, both introduced significant sleep related products.  Several smaller firms also showed off products that promise to either help us sleep, or help us wake up happier, while monitoring our sleep quality.  So what’s the big deal about sleep?  Estimates vary, but as of 2013 Americans were spending more than 32 billion dollars each year to get a good night’s sleep.  But according to the National Sleep Foundation we are failing miserably.  In a 2013 study, the NSF concludes that the majority of Americans say they do not get a good night’s sleep.  And there’s increasing evidence linking insufficient sleep with a host of diseases from diabetes to high blood pressure, and even cancer.

For a complete report and more information from Berlin visit my blog.

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