LIVING HEALTHY – ANDY BAXTER– At our facilities, which offer medically protocoled exercise programs for people over fifty, the practice of throwing big sticks about haphazardly is frowned upon.  Overhead throwing motions with big sticks can be particularly hard on ageing shoulders dealing with adhesive capsulitis, arthritis, bursitis, rotator cuffitis (ok I made that word up) and impingement syndrome, to name a few.  But, if you were to throw a big stick in one of our facilities, chances are that big stick would make contact with a George or a Barbara or a Bill, alone or in combination;  Popular names, those.  The reason I bring this up is that, because I don’t use last names in these blog posts, you will see names repeated.  Know that they are not the same person, though they may share similar stick bruises.

The George that I speak of today just celebrated his three year anniversary at Baxter Fitness Solutions.  When George came to me, he had spent the last seven months bed ridden in an assisted care facility.  His children finally said “Enough’s enough.  We need to get you moving”.  Waist belt firmly secured, bed transfer to wheelchair, wheelchair transfer to car, car to gym, car transfer to wheelchair, wheelchair to gym, George to me.  “Well, waddya think?”  ask his kids.  “I’m game if you are”, say I.   They were.  George’s daughter Catherine started then and continues now to come in with her dad, a pilot of 38 years with United Airlines.  Today George, tall and handsome and ever friendly, enters the gym under his own power and from a different address; No more wheelchair.  No more assisted care facility.  In November he will be 92.  Man, I love my job

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