LIVING HEALTHY – ANDY BAXTER-Diana brings me flowers.  Diana is both beautiful and happily married.  Yet there they set at my desk, the latest round of colorful, cared for magnoliophyta straight from her seemingly boundless, magical garden.  This has nothing to do with me, you see.  Diana brings flowers to the gym for what it gives all of our members; a sense of warmth and connection.   That warmth and connection permeate our facilities here in beautiful Southern Oregon.

Yesterday I received a postcard from Killarney Lake, Ireland.  It was from one of our members.  When was the last time, while traveling on another continent, you thought to send a postcard to your GYM?  On Monday I will read it aloud to our early morning exercise group, a seemingly disparate bunch that have created strong and lasting friendships based on one common thread – they come to the gym at the same time.  They have created community.

Our community is a startlingly powerful one.  All matters of interaction occur here – books are passed back and forth, recipes shared, letters, theater tickets and photos are given and received.  Bodies are strengthened, minds are strengthened, and the bond of community is strengthened, boundless and magical.


Andy Baxter is a medical exercise specialist and the author of Racing Yesterday

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