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  • CREATE YOUR OWN LONGEVITY VILLAGE RETIREMENT COACHING – DEBBIE DRINKARD GROVUM – You can create your own longevity village without leaving home by making specific, research-based life-style choices that increase your odds of living longer, healthier lives. There are areas of the world where people live longer than average. In the book, The Blue Zones, author Dan Buettner identified five ... more
  • CAN WE DISAGREE POLITICALLY AND STILL BE FRIENDS? RETIREMENT COACHING – DEBBIE DRINKARD GROVUM – No doubt about it-this is an unusual political season and civil political discussions seem more challenging than ever. Living in the same town for thirty-plus years, I mostly spent time with friends who shared my political ideologies. Now settling in to a new home in a new state, ... more
  • RETIREMENT IS NO TIME TO BE BORED KEEPING ACTIVE – DAVE BERNARD – Do you ever have one of those mornings when you just don’t want to get out of bed? For whatever reason staying tucked under those warm blankets just sounds better than any other option. There is nothing you must do – the calendar is clean. And if you are ... more
  • A GOOD BOOK ON “OLDERS” RETIREMENT COACHING – DEBBIE DRINKARD GROVUM – The population is aging, we are living longer and healthier lives, and yet, ageism remains the last socially sanctioned bias. As Ashton Applewhite says in the introduction of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism, “Racist and sexist comments no longer get a pass, but who even blinks ... more
  • THE GRANDKID DILEMMA REAL ESTATE – ELLEE CELLER, REALTOR – I am a healthy Realtor in my retirement years, although I am still love working. Like many of you I have grandchildren. They live in Vermont and in Portland, Oregon. Although they are not close, they are very important to me. As I age, I observe that many grandparents ... more
  • A HISTORY OF MEANNESS LIVING HEALTHY – DR. ROBIN MILLER – In 1968 a very brave teacher named Jane Elliott embarked on a social experiment with her classroom of third graders.  She wanted to teach them about prejudice.  In my opinion, she taught them and us a whole lot more. She divided the class into blue-eyed children and brown ... more
  • ARE YOU READY FOR FLEXIBLE RETIREMENT? RETIREMENT COACHING – DEBBIE DRINKARD GROVUM – My dad retired at age sixty-three and went from working fifty-plus hours a week to golfing five days a week and enjoying a life of leisure, not working at all. After a few years enjoying his golden years, he started to talk about maybe volunteering. Unfortunately, he died ... more
  • HOPES AND REALITIES FOR 2016 RETIREMENT COACHING – DEBBIE DRINKARD GROVUM – What are people’s dreams for retirement and how good are their chances of achieving those dreams? New research from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies answers those questions in its new report, “The Current State of Retirement: Pre-Retiree Expectations and Retiree Realities.” Comparing the hopes of 50+ workers ... more
  • NAUGHTY OR NICE TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – BILL FERRY – I’ll let you be the judge. These are a few trees from a fundraising effort put on annually by our local Big Brothers Big Sisters agency. Unlike last year I didn’t see any trees that pointed to the real reason for Christmas. A bit sad. Click here to ... more
  • MY NEW PASSION; DOG FOOD! KAREN DARLING – ALTHOUGH KAREN IS STILL PART OF OUR TEAM, WE ASKED OUR RETIREUSA PARTNER TO SHARE HER NEWEST ADVENTURE WITH YOU. – I will be 70 on my next birthday, and I figured that I was past my time for entrepreneurial passion.  But, to my surprise, and delight, I have realized that one ... more