LIVING HEALTHY – ANDY BAXTER– I was visiting with my friend Virgil two days ago.  For the select group of you reading this who has read my book, Racing Yesterday, you will no doubt remember Virgil;   Virgil the Cal pitching ace who struck out George “Poppy” Bush to win the College World Series and turn pro with the Oakland Oaks.  As Virgil likes to say, “The future president couldn’t hit a curve ball”.   For the less select group of you reading this who has not read my book, that was a plug.

But my point has nothing to do with that. My point is this – Virgil is 92 years old.  As spry and witty as I have ever known him to be, he said to me, “exercise and attitude. That’s all there really is, isn’t there?”  That created in my mind the question, how many clients do I have over the age of 70? Or 80? Or 90?  Since this particular blog has a baseball bent, I thought I’d crunch the numbers.  The numbers are inspiring.  Of our devoted active agers 201 are in their 70’s, 64 are in their 80’s and 10 are in their 90’s.  These are people who are making the active decision to get off their butts, get out of their homes and down to the gym and, well, get active.

As I write this Alma and Bill are working out, side by side.  Bill, like Virgil, is 92.  He and Alma have been married for 64 years.  So in marital bliss stats, Bill is batting a lifetime average of .696.  Ty Cobb, eat your heart out…


Andy Baxter is a Medical Exercise Specialist and, age notwithstanding, the author of Racing Yesterday

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