LIVING HEALTHY – DR. JOHN KALB– As I mentioned in the first part of this post, there are four keys to utilizing your will power. The third key is identifying and connecting to our core values, finding a passionate purpose or reason for accomplishing our goals in the first place. If we have some idea why we are here and what’s important to us, then we can align our goals accordingly. This will pull us forward almost effortlessly and we will need less willpower to push us from behind. This is extremely important because will power is a limited recourse and we can only make a certain number of conscious choices throughout the day

The forth key to utilizing our willpower efficiently is making an honest appraisal of our strengths and weaknesses. We all have our blind spots and a certain amount of self-deception is hardwired into us. Being aware of this makes a huge difference. With this increased awareness about ourselves, we can make realistic plans, set appropriate goals, and allow the momentum we have built up to propel us into action. The cycle is completed when we evaluate our results and celebrate any success, no matter how small. There is no possibility of failure if our overarching goal is to learn about our self and be open to life’s experiences. If we are honest and know we have trouble resisting marshmallows, then we can apply these four keys and create the success and happiness we want.


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