OPEN FORUM – MARK DENNETT– I love the story about Marilyn Hagerty the 85-year-old restaurant reviewer of the Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald. She wrote a review about the opening of the new Olive Garden and it has gone viral with more than a million page views. That’s what the paper’s article counter says, but it broke down amid the surge of traffic to this masterpiece of polite restaurant criticism. You can read her article here. Marilyn has become a real media star with appearances on “Piers Morgan,” “Today” and “The Early Show” when she was invited to the Big Apple to do some restaurant reviews.

The reason I love this story is that there are millions of young people that not only have preconceived notions about what types of restaurants should be “reviewed,” but they think that when you hit retirement age you should stop doing what you love. Why?  Ms. Hagerty is just one example of how doing what you love never gets old.

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