REAL ESTATE – ELLEE CELLER, REALTOR Next to maintaining one’s health in aging, what is the next most important goal?  My choice is to find opportunities to make life better for those around you.  In particular I chose to focus on my family. Sometimes keeping a little distance makes life better, but generally I prefer short and sweet visits (they live far out of town).  Which brings me to my next option:  shall I move closer, but not too close to make it easier?

My latest travels to Mexico clarified how travel gets more problematic as you get older. There is the lure of the wheel chair because connecting flights can seem like MILES apart. But a wheel chair conflicts with my self-image of being physically fit!  Note: on my flight into Mexico recently we had over 27 wheel chair occupants!  Someone should do a survey:  are they flying for/from medical treatment, family or what?

So, here I am planning to spend more time with my younger grandchildren (at there request, tra-la) and figuring out how I can afford to continue to live a meaningful life to the  best of my ability and pocketbook.  Any suggestions would be delightfully appreciated.

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